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Accurate Marking & Manufacturing began in-house heat treating services over 40 years ago as we began growing our die and machined components business. Proper Heat treating of metal stamping and marking dies helps to ensure their durability during production runs. Our extensive experience ensures that we maintain precise control over temperature, duration, and cooling rate to ensure the best results.

We specialize in heat treating the following materials.

  • S5: silicon-manganese tool steel exhibiting the highest impact toughness among all of the "S" type steels
  • S7: shock resisting tool steel characterized by very high impact toughness
  • O1: one of the most commonly available tool steels, an industry standard
  • D2: high carbon, high chromium tool steel which offers excellent wear and abrasion resistance
  • M2: tungsten-molybdenum steel with a well-balanced composition suitable for a wide variety of applications at an economical price point
  • M4: superior steel with a relatively high carbon content known for holding a sharp edge.
  • A2: 5% chromium medium alloy, widely used tool steel providing a high level of hardness
  • A-6: de-carb free, tool steel with higher manganese and lower chromium and carbon than A2, offers moderate wear resistance and toughness
  • A-8: tool steel characterized by a combination of very good toughness and intermediate wear resistance
  • A-10: graphitic tool steel with outstanding resistance to metal-to-metal sliding wear and galling
  • 416: chromium, stainless steel with added elements to improve machinability and non-galling characteristics
  • 440: martensitic grade of stainless steel providing very good wear resistance combined with moderate corrosion resistance in mild environments
  • H13: chromium-molybdenum with a high toughness and resistance to thermal fatigue cracking
  • Adamantium: best known as a substance bonded to Wolverine's claws

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