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Accurate Marking and Manufacturing has been providing EDM (electrical discharge machining) services since 1968. EDM is the processes of removing metal with the use of electrodes to machine complex shapes. This machining service provides options for metals and configurations that can't be machined through traditional machining processes.

We maintain full control over the manufacturing process by providing a complete EDM service totally within Accurate Marking and Manufacturing's own facilities. Our EDM department will:

  • Start your project from raw materials with our own in-house machine shop blanks
  • Manufacturing the electrode to fit your specific needs
  • Heat treat your product prior to finish burning

The ability to keep all processes of manufacturing in house allows us to have a quick turn around and full control over the quality of the finished product. While turn around depends on materials and complexity of the machining work performed, our typical turn-around is 2-3 weeks. We specialize in EDM processing of unique shapes, multiple contours, and lettering. Our EDM Capabilities include:

  • 5 Axis capability for our Wire EDM machine
  • Cutting accuracy to .0001" with wire diameters as small as .006".
  • 2 sinker EDMs, these are also known as cavity or volume EDMs
  • Inside corner radius to .003"
  • Surface finishes to 2rms
  • Work holding capability is 14" x 10" x 6".

Our EDM enables us to machine carbides, hardened steels, Inconel and polycrystalline diamond. It also allows us to solve your manufacturing problems and keep your business running. For example: broken taps in molds can be removed and re-threaded very quickly and returned to your production line.

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If you would like more information about our EDM capabilities, please contact us regarding your specific needs. You can also contact Accurate Marking and Manufacturing's to obtain a quote. Please feel free to send us your .dxf or .igs, as well as, various other files to expedite the process.