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Silicone Die Applications

Accurate Marking & Manufacturing's silicone rubber dies are commonly used for:

  • Hot stamping graphics
  • Heat transfer of foil
  • Sealing

Silicone dies can conform to both flat and curved surfaces so these stamping dies can provide a consistent, and high quality impression on a variety of surfaces. The elasticity of silicone dies permits consistency even when there are slight surface irregularities and part variations. These dies also have excellent heat, durability, and release characteristics. The flexibility of silicone dies results in fewer rejected pieces and faster setups. While silicone dies can be used on some paper and film, they work best on a variety of more rigid materials including:

  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Plastic

For example, these hot stamping dies work well on cosmetic cases, plastic caps, bottles, and panels with either curved or flat surfaces.

Silicone Die Manufacture

Silicone dies require a master mold to be machined in order to be formed. Offsetting this expense is the fact that customers can have the silicone rubber dies re-coated when they wear out, saving money and time over the cost of new silicone rubber dies. Accurate Marking & Manufacturing produces silicone rubber dies in a variety of hardnesses aka durometers. We mount all our rubber silicone dies to steel or aluminum depending on customer's applications.

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