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Stamping and Marking Die Applications

Accurate Marking & Manufacturing produces steel dies for marking and stamping. Marking and stamping dies can be used for a variety of applications on a variety of materials including:

  • Foil/hot stamping
  • Marking into steel, aluminum, brass, leather and other materials
  • Embossing on steel, aluminum, brass, leather and other materials
  • Debossing into steel, aluminum, brass, leather and other materials
  • Branding: marking into wood and leather

Accurate Marking and Manufacturing's dies are used by a wide range of clients from large scale manufacturers to artisans. Steel marking dies characteristics include:

  • Durability for long production runs
  • Indented marks when needed to compensate for uneven surfaces
  • Provides a slight 3d look compared to the flat look of silicone dies
  • Can be machined to fit contoured shapes

Although steel dies are more expensive, their costs will be balanced by their durability and reduced maintenance over long production runs.

Steel Die Fabrication

Our steel marking/stamping dies are custom made to customer specifications. Accurate Marking & Manufacturing uses 2 and 3 dimensional pantograph engraving machines, CNC engraving machines, CNC routers and EDM machines along with the latest art, engraving and machining software to produce the best steel marking dies possible. This technology also allows us to provide you with fast quote to production time to fill your steel die requirements quickly and keep your business running smoothly.

Our steel dies can:

  • Have any combination of letters, numbers, symbols, logos and artwork including fine details.
  • Be raised or sunk right on face. Reversed reading as well as sharp face or flat faced
  • Be flat, curved, contoured, both concaved and convex

We have a large selection of materials for making steel marking and stamping dies including O-1, A-2, D-2, S-7 and M-2, just to name a few. We heat treat our steel dies in house to specified hardness.

Steel Insert Dies

Accurate Marking & Manufacturing fabricates steel insert dies that are used in various mold applications from plastic injection molds to candy molds.

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